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Set-up of Amazon Seller Account

We'll help you create an account to help you sell on amazon regardless of your location in the world whether you choose FBA or FBM.

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USA Business Formation

We offer expert guidance and streamlined solutions for starting your business in the USA

Business Proposal

Unlock funding opportunities with our tailored proposal service. We help you secure SBA grants, investors, and lucrative contracts with ease

Travel Visa Services

Secure your journey to Dubai with our hassle-free travel visa services. Obtain your visa quickly and effortlessly

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Set-up of USA Bank Account

Effortlessly own a USA bank account through our streamlined online service, ensuring seamless transactions and financial accessibility

Amazon Forwarder FBA

Streamline your e-commerce business with our reliable and efficient Amazon fulfillment services for seamless order management


Amazon FBM, Spotify, Wix any other E-commerce shipping

We can help you conveniently receive, store, and forward your products with our reliable shipping service

Website Design

We offer professional website design solutions, combining creativity, functionality, and user experience to elevate your online presence

Sell On Amazon

We'll help you create an account to help you sell on amazon regardless of your location in the world

Basic Plan
$100 $119
Set-up of Amazon Seller Account. FBA- FBM
Registration of seller account
Verification of the account
One-on-one service of the account set up
Service takes 3 days to complete
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Travel Visa Services
$0 $119
We provide visa services for
3 months visa
Booking of flights tickets
Hotel reservations
Visa fees: $500
Hotel reservation
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E-commerce shipping
$0 $119
We offer Amazon FBM, Spotify, wix any other E-commerc shipping. This is perfect for businesses with more than 10 deliveries a month
US address to receive, store and re-ship your products
Processing fee $2.5+ shipping costs + VAT, GST or duties, shipping cost will be paid depending on location of customer
company Forwarding Handling Fee (extra fees may apply)
managed return
Shipping discounts
Storage fees depend on goods quantity.
Contact us to Get price quotation
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Premium Plan
$250 $249
Set-Up of Amazon seller account
Registration of seller account
Verification of account
One-One assistance of setup of account
Listing of professional products on the account
creating shipping of products from manufacturers
Assisting in buying of products from Alibaba to you FBA account
Brand approval not brand registry
Free consultation
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Amazon Forwarder FBA
$170 $249
FBA - $170 for each packing and deliver over 5 boxes or 50pc
Personal freight forwarder, tracking, repackaging, sourcing
Amazon label sticking
Sell on marketplaces

Fresh takes on strategic growth and the latest trends in business.

Amazon Forwarder

We receive the product from manufacturer we package πŸ“¦ in box πŸ“¦ stick Amazon FBA sticker and we ship 🚒 them to amazon fulfilment center. Contact us for more details ✨️

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Set-up of USA Bank Account
$70 $249
Set-up your bank account in the USA without residing in USA, benefits you can use in receiving payment from your Ecommerce, and online store
Set-up Of Bank Account
Verification of Account
Assistant of document provision
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Business Proposal
$230 $499
Get your custom made proposal for SBA grant and Investors, and secure of contract
Writing of professional business Proposal
28 page Word executive proposal
PowerPoint Presentation with full graphics
Service takes 5 days to complete
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USA Business Formation
$250 $499
US Business formation for LLC $210 under NJ Gov Dept
Business EIN registration $30
Visual Business Address
Service charge $10
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Website Design
$300 $499
We'll help you design any kind of professional webiste tailored to meet your need and boost your online presence
Corporate Websites
E-Commerce/Online Store
NGO/Charity Webiste
We would also enable SEO on the site to make it optimizited for google searches
Contact Us To Get Price Quotation
Service takes 15-20 days to complete deoending on the kind of website
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